buckyWelcome to How to Make and Keep Friends™!

Many kids struggle with social nuances which can make it difficult for them to form lasting friendships.  To help kids during those times, parents and kids often need quick social skills advice that is easily understood and even easier to do in the moment. Our tips have been successful for children with mild to moderate social challenges.  While some of the children who have learned these techniques have a specific special needs diagnosis, many do not.  Any child who struggles socially and needs a little extra support will benefit from these tips.

Our social skills guide for kids is designed to provide a top ten list for 50 social situations that are inherently difficult for children with social struggles to manage.  How to Make & Keep Friends™: Tips for Kids to Overcome 50 Common Social Challenges By Nadine Briggs and Donna Shea provides parents and kids with social skills advice presented in top ten list format. Simple tips for the most common social challenges are included, such as:

  • How to Make New Friends at School
  • How to Safely Handle Angry Feelings
  • Attending Parties
  • How to Share Fairly
  • Being a Good Play Date Guest
  • Working in a Group
  • And much more!

This past year, we’ve published a book for parents (and adults who work with children) that provides actionable tips and the specific language we use to support children in their social success.  How To Make & Keep Friends: Helping Your Child Achieve Social Success™ is now available on Amazon!